Oatley Vineyard: The Next Generation(s)

Escape the rat race, grow twins, make wine. Returning home to a Somerset vineyard

Hand planting vines

Why would you hand plant 2000 vines over a few days when machines are available that could do it in a morning? Well, Oatley has always been a do-it-by-hand kind… read more

The field is ready to plant vines!

The field is finally ready to plant vines! We are tantalisingly close to having our very own vineyard! (you can watch a video of the early field clearance here) Back… read more

A Somerset Spring

What a crazy couple of months it’s been.  Our original buyer pulled out of the house sale whilst we were relocating to Somerset, so we have been living between places… read more

The Clone Wars

So what type of vines should we plant? Pinot Noir.  Yes, but what type of vines should we plant? It turns out there are over two thousand types of Pinot… read more