Oatley Vineyard: The Next Generation(s)

Escape the rat race, grow twins, make wine. Returning home to a Somerset vineyard

The Clone Wars

So what type of vines should we plant? Pinot Noir.  Yes, but what type of vines should we plant? It turns out there are over two thousand types of Pinot… read more

Oatley Barn before conversion

A Modern Barn Conversion

A modern barn conversion, what do we need? Barn? Yes! Design? Yes! Planning Permission? Yes yes yes! Wine? Of Course! It might not look like it but in the not… read more

Selling up!

Well that happened quickly, one minute we were talking about what accompaniments and wine we were going to have with the Christmas Turkey, and the next minute we have a… read more

2020 Hindsight

How was your 2020? At the start of the year, blissfully pre-pandemic, we set some goals for our escape to the country: give up corporate life, plant a vineyard, convert… read more